{:en}The castle of Soncino{:}{:it}La Rocca di Soncino{:}

The castle of Soncino is the best kept castles in Lombardia. Is located in Cremona area. It has been built from the Xth centiry. In 1454 the castle has been assigned to Sforza family and you can see the coat-of-arms of this family inside the castle. Photo gallery Photo gallery in Black and white Some […]


In this first photo you can see the most characteristic things of Pavia: The statue of the “lavandaia” (washerwoman”) The covered bridge (ponte coperto) The dome The monument of the washerwoman photo gallery View even more photos of Pavia View the avaiable photos of Pavia in my shop

{:en}Winter rice field in Lombardia{:}{:it}Risaie in inverno in Lombardia{:}

Winter rice field in Lombardia, close to Milan The typical landscape of Pianura Padana in winter, with rice field very green. This photo has been taken in the surroundings of Milan Digital download of this photo on 500px Marketplace Canvas and other digital products of this photo on Pixoto